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Simon Turner has his say

April 26th, 2012

I am one of the founders of WSCIC and run Freshfield. Many people ask why have we set up WSCIC.

It’s about time we put some pride back into Preston. 

Anyone connected to Winckley Square understands that we have an amazing asset that is in danger of slowly decaying. 

If you travel to places such as London, Bath, New York or Munich, green city areas like WS are vibrant civic spaces at the heart of communities where people live, work, shop and play. 

If it can work there, it can work here. 

Preston has stood still for too long. Talking about who is to blame is pointless. We are where we are. Let’s look forward and not back. 

History tells us people can achieve great things when they work together. And that is what we are now doing – with the community, Preston City Council and other stakeholders. 

The WSCIC aims to produce a Green Paper in 2012 setting out our realistic plans for the future of WS, with artist impressions and funding requirements. 

Through our consultation, the people of WS will have had their say in its future. 

It will be sympathetic and what the people of Preston want. 

In the world of big society, communities are being encouraged to take control. So let’s do that.

Simon Turner lives in Preston and works in WS.

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